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What Our Clients Say

Coaching For Results has worked with many different clients. Here is what some of them have to say about us, our coaching programmes and their results.

Julie Pullin Hairdressing (Adapt to Survive programme)

Julie PullinJulie was taken onto the Adapt to Survive business programme and for the last 6 months has received regular coaching and mentoring and has attended two Coaching for Results events; 'A confidence workout' and 'That's Business' (formerly Get into Business).  She has seen the number of clients she has and her income double during that time.

Helen Eyre, Cat’s Whiskers Face Painting (Train to Gain )

Coaching for Results was able to obtain £1000 worth of funding for Cat's Whiskers Face Painting towards a year's programme of coaching, training and mentoring on leadership development for Helen Eyre, Company Director.  She has seen her business turnover increase by 33% in that time, and has handed over day to day management of the business to her Assistant Manager.

Amy Hunt, Oak and Glass Restaurant

(Personal and Small business coaching programme)

Amy was coached on the business and personal coaching programme for 4 months and now regularly speaks in public at business events.

David Newton, Roar Sounds

(Adapt to Survive programme)

David has been on the Adapt to Survive business programme for 3 months receiving regular coaching and mentoring and has attended two Coaching for Results events.  As a result he has increased his clientele and income.

"One of my reasons for needing a coach was to bring structure to my work life and studies. Coral provided this is and so much more.  She would skillfully pick up on key points that I didn't even realise I had raised!   Thank you Coral for helping me get through some tough times and inspiring me to look at things from a different angle."

Holly Gordon, IT Trainer

“I can definitely say that I have made improvements in both my personal and business life and my confidence in myself has really climbed since working with Coral. For example, I was worried.. about my pending annual review and went into the meeting with a clear plan of action and confidence and the meeting was a complete success because my manager accepted all the proposals. Even better I have since been commended for the improvements that I recommended… Thank you for your support.  I’m sure that I will be able to achieve my long term goal… and I really appreciate the words of encouragement and belief in myself that you have helped me to realize."


Don Grant, Systems Analyst, London

"I've used Coral's services and its been excellent.. if anyone wants to personally develop within their business, improve their performance and realise their full potential, I really think they should have a chat to Coral, she can really help you."


Grant Hawley, Creative Director, Precision Arts Ltd.

About business coaching and mentoring...

"I've known Coral for a couple of years and I also know an awful lot of people that have worked with Coral, and she's really developed them and helped them on, I've known them a long time and watched them develop."


Gail Parsons, Managing Director Vanguard Security

“I have loved my coaching with Coral…I know I would still feel like I was sinking under the pressure of running the business day to day, this coaching has helped me to get on top of my feelings and focus on what really matters.  I look forward to the new challenges I face rather than dread them.”


Amy Hunt Restaurant Owner/Manager Weston Super Mare

“Coral focuses on the real issues, with the stealth of targeted questioning, combined with uncanny silence where my subconscious kicks in, resulting in pushing me to where I want to go, and delivering the results that are most important to me.”


Eugene M. Whelan, Regional Manager G.A.P, Coventry

About Coaching For Results Workshops...

"After a few months away from business..this has given me a kick start. A confidence boost and how to change your future in less than a day!"


Marian Boxley Owner, Carsfaddam Solutions,

"It’s given me the tools to use when telemarketing and speaking to clients…I enjoyed the course was fun and informative."

Jane Perkins Partner, Auditel

"It gave me the thinking time I needed…You can never be too confident!  Everybody has insecurities and this can help you overcome them."

Helen Eyre Manager, Cat’s Whiskers Face Painting

"It made me think about my reactions and ways to change them makes you see things differently."

Lucy Burston Partner, Present Company

"A fantastic day.  The visualisation experience was moving and exhilarating!  If you want to change and move forward, this is for you..its an experience to experience!’

Eugene Whelan Regional Manager, General Associated Plastics

"It's given me the confidence to put the tools into practice. Very inspiring!  The content and delivery were excellent.'"


C.C. Copywriter

"I feel I am armed with techniques to help me develop and improve myself and a determination to do it..."

Sharon Fielding Assistant Manager, Cat's Whiskers Face Painting

"Everybody on the course had positive feedback and..felt it had helped with their confidence. I left feeling very motivated on the day and I could see how the workout we were given could bring positive results. Confidence Boost."


The Portishead Paper, Kim Batchelor, Editor

About Coaching and NLP...

“Without coaching I would not have been able to identify the areas I needed to work on first and foremost. Also I would not have been able to break it down it achievable steps, thus enabling me to reach my goal….

…It has without a doubt changed the way I view my life. It has set me on the road to achieving goals. Goals which previously seemed out of reach because I could not see the steps necessary to achieve them….I would wholeheartedly recommend coaching to anyone who is serious about taking control of their life and Coral Jones in particular.”


C.W. UK Subsidiary Manager, Dorset

“Thanks for all your support over the past few weeks. Your coaching has helped me to tackle some big issues that otherwise would have seemed too big to cope with, and I am very grateful.”


H.A. Local Government Officer South Wales

“Coral was very friendly and supportive and I enjoyed each session…Coral was easy to talk to and I felt at ease at all times.”


P.M. Small business owner, Bristol

“Coral’s coaching gave me a special place to focus on just me and what was going on in my life. It gave me a space to think and focus on what I needed to do or resolve to keep me moving forwards.Coral was very good at listening and helping me explore avenues that would help me plan for the goals I brought to our sessions together.I particulary enjoyed the NLP tool she used to get me connecting with my most resourceful self which really helped me re-connect with the behaviour I need to bring out more to be the best!”


S.A. Accountant, Surrey

“Being coached by Coral helped me to explore areas of confusion and become clearer about how to move forward. Coral was empathic, respectful and interested throughout our sessions and accompanied me through a process that was both structured and flexible. Thankyou…..”


S.P. Manchester

“I’ve seen an improvement in my confidence both in and out of work.  This has led to improved performance at work.  I’ve found the visualization and NLP tools particularly useful as immediate things I can draw on when presented with certain situations.  I’m looking forward to taking the wheel of life further and taking those actions to achieve my final goals...”


R.J.  North Somerset

“With Coral's help I have been able to break down several goals which seemed insurmountable, into manageable chunks, and have taken some significant steps towards achieving them. Thanks very much for your support.”


H.A. Local Government Officer, South Wales

“My sessions with Coral allowed me time to consider my approach to challenges, find ways to overcome my own limiting beliefs and discover creative options and tools with which to move forward.”


S.P. Counsellor, Manchester

“(Coaching has) improved performance at work, encouraged me to look at changes to my relationship with my partner and I regularly use the tools to deal with situations…”


R.J. Local Government Officer, Clevedon

“Coral’s knack of asking the right questions at the right time really helped me to open up and look at the big picture.  Coral is a patient, supporting coach and I loved her style.  I also liked the way Coral gets you to think of things that before, I would never have thought about…”


M.W. Regional Director, Somerset

"The 'rating' for all my areas has increased and I now know how to take these forward and improve them further. I have managed to prioritise time with friends and family whilst fitting in all the everyday mundane tasks!"


L.K. Chartered Accountant, Weston Super Mare

“I was reluctant to take on risk which stretched my comfort zone and values….Coral’s supportive nature and intuitive NLP skills have helped me see new paths ahead…Thank you…”


R.S. Civil Servant, Cheshire

“I found my sessions with Coral to be very helpful… Coral facilitated development of a number of plans which I was motivated to successfully implement and maintain…my sessions with Coral were very enjoyable as well as effective…”


J. H. Leadership Coach and Director, Middlesex

"Excellent way of promoting business... It has been very informative and interesting and will add a huge amount of value to our business moving forward. A very enjoyable experience. It's new different, up-to-date and exciting!"


Jeanette Hingley, Berry Rowan Recruitment Consultants

"A good chance to network and record a piece for marketing.

Sam Biggs, Lindleys Solicitors

"Good event with knowledgeable and personable trainer."

Mark Yates, Scan, Film or Store

"Boosts confidence in business..."

David Newton, Roar Sounds

"Very interesting opportunity... Good content and networking."

Bruce Thompson, Techo Systems Ltd.

"Gives you the extra push you need to make your ambitions real. Motivating, inspiring and fun."


Julie Pullin, Julie Pullin Hairdressing